Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday Craziness

It was a crazy weekend.

Millie went very well for #1 this weekend. Let's just say that if he doesn't know the music now, he's never going to know it!!

LLB made it to the party she was invited to attend.

I did my bell meetings and had a wonderful time - even when I sorta kinda lost my temper just a little bit. Just know that I don't DO budgets. I find teachers - not money.

We played handbells at our church yesterday. It was fun! I do love to ring!

Our church's yearly berry festival - which we have 10,000 people attend - is coming up. I'm in charge of finding crafters for that. I have too many crafters (not a bad place to be), so I'm a little stressed out about that, but really... if they don't like their spots, they will send their cash in on time next year, right? Actually, two of us ran up to the venue to see where we could fit some more crafters. I think we found a suitable location on the grass, under the trees, in the shade. Those few spots might end up being the best ones...

So anyway - Today I've got a busy day planned - teaching class, my bell rehearsal tonight, picking up percussion equipment, and distributing a flyer for the PTO, among other things.

If you need me, I'm "out of pocket" today. (Don't I sound important and like I have a clue?)

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