Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things LadyBug Is Thinking About Today

1. I am done with school! All I have to do is grades. I'll be doing them in a few minutes.

2. Yesterday's concert went very well - considering they were in a gym and couldn't hear each other... The sound gets sucked up as soon as it comes out of the bell. I have no idea what happens to it - I just know I could barely hear the other bells ringing. Maybe someday we'll have a real auditorium...

3. LLB came through for me in a huge way. She rang 3 bass positions by herself for one malleted piece. She was perfect! Her tempo was steady and she was right on!

4. The other bell class was missing 2 kids. LLB and I filled in - nothing like sight reading for a concert!

5. I'm still working on the middle school band's slide show.

6. I have to put that aside for a little while and get up to the state park to mark out my crafter spaces for the berry fest this weekend.

7. My laundry pile is suddenly out of control. I have no idea how that happens.

8. #1's school band concert is tonight. He is ready!

9. #1 is marching at the Memorial Day Parade on Monday. Just when I thought we might get one day of rest this weekend... they take it away.

10. Cupcakes are the breakfast of choice around here this week. I think I should make a batch every week. LLB loves 'em.

11. I got my Discovercard bill the other day. I wondered where all my hard earned cash went because I certainly haven't been shopping. It's going into my gas tank.

12. So much for having a little spending money... It's all going into my tank.

13. I did find out that the children are getting camp scholarships from our church. They will pay just over half the tuition. That's a huge relief! Now - let's see how much gas it will take to get them to camp and back...

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