Monday, August 25, 2008

Ahhh... my favorite day of the year...

It is the first day of school!

#1 went out at 6:25am...
Yes, my friends, that high school bus sure is early... I think he looked pretty darned cute walking out the door this morning. It really is unfortunate that I have such poor photography skills, cause his hair looked pretty good, too! He walked out confident, schedule memorized, and ready for his sophomore year. Eeeek! In just a couple of years he'll be a senior.

My LLB - geeze... who taught me how to take a picture? Another headless wonder.
LLB went out at the more rational hour of 7:45am. She looks so sweet in her outfit. She was all dolled up - complete with new make up and perfume courtesy of Gram. LLB is at the top of the food chain at the middle school this year. She better enjoy it, because next year... she's back to being a teeny tiny minnow in a great big sea of high schoolers!

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