Saturday, August 02, 2008

Dinner Table Conversation

My friend J told me this story that happened at her dinner table on Thursday night. I find the whole thing hysterical...

It all started when I took Zeb with me to pick up LLB at ballet camp. Zeb needed his toenails trimmed and his appointment was shortly after ballet.

LLB took Zeb to see the ballet girls.
One of them asked if he was a girl or a boy.
"He is a boy"
"He can't be a boy. He doesn't have a whatzis."
"He had an accident. That's why he doesn't have a whatzis."
LLB proceeded to tell them the story of why the poor sweet dog doesn't have a whatzis.

That night at dinner, J's daughter and her friend were relating this same story to J and her husband P.
"Zebbie doesn't have a whatzis because it fell off when he was mating and the girl dog pulled away."
J was wondering if they really had any idea what all of that meant when her daughter leaned over to her dad, patted him on the back and said,
"Don't worry dad, that won't happen to you."

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