Sunday, August 10, 2008

Home at last...

What a week!

It was fun, but there is nothing better than a good night's sleep in one's own bed.

Mr's mom is very difficult to buy for. She has a teeny tiny apartment with very little space for "stuff". We thought long and hard this year and finally came up with a great little gift. We bought his mom a digital photo frame. We filled it with 750 pictures - those pictures include childhood pictures of all the siblings, children, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, and more. The frame also plays music. Mr. loaded it with cheezy old French music that his mom absolutely loves. (I'm just glad I don't have to listen to it!) The gift was a hit! She loved it. I'm glad because it sure was a labor of love to find, choose, and load that frame.

We had a terrific time in Montreal with Mr's family - we laughed, we told stories, we ate, and we laughed some more. We spent part of the week with Auntie L and the rest of the week with Uncle M. We are hoping they all come down to visit soon so we can repay their kind hospitality.

We only had one issue while we were there. Uncle P decided that he was going to be a pill. Our trip has been planned for months. We wanted to be sure we got to see everyone when we were up there.
We were supposed to meet up with Mr's mom and everyone for dinner as soon as we arrived in Montreal - after a 12 hour drive, mind you. Unfortunately, the 2 hour line at the border put a huge dent in those plans. We ended up stopping at Uncle M's (his house is closest to the border) for a rest and light supper. (Believe me, we could not have driven another mile at that point. We were beat!) Mr. immediately called everyone to explain the situation. They totally understood - well, except for Uncle P. It seems he didn't appreciate the change. (It's not like we PLANNED or even ENJOYED sitting for 2 HOURS at the border!!)
P refused to see us or even return a phone call for the rest of the week. Mr. called, left messages, and emailed to no avail. Mr. even called from a phone booth! Eventually Mr. got a hold of him and asked where and when to meet. Uncle P chose the most inopportune time and place, but Mr. was willing to go anyway - without complaint. The morning of the scheduled meeting Mr got an email... it seems Uncle P was simply too busy. Mr was disappointed. He really wanted to see and spend time with ALL of his siblings. He got over it pretty fast - there is not much that a smoked meat sandwich can't cure!

Me - I was so over P and his games after the first day! I've seen him do this before -- but that was when we lived closer and went to Montreal more frequently. We only get up there once a year or less now. The least P could have done was made some time for his brother. I'm not talking a whole day... I'm talking an hour for lunch or dinner or even just drinks and appetizers or something. And it would even have been our treat. As far as I'm concerned, it's P's loss.

The rest of us had a wonderful time! We rode the Bateau Mouche around the port of Old Montreal. We ate smoked meat sandwiches for dinner at 9pm one night. (Note: A little earlier would be better.) We had lobster at Uncle M's. We spent time in the hot tub. We laughed. We told stories. We toured. We rode the Metro. We all had a really nice time just being together.

P missed out.
So be it.

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