Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things Ladybug is thinking about today.

1. My friend W called yesterday.

2. She got out of rehab.

3. She told me she was coming to visit - tomorrow - as in today. Now, I knew that was not possible as she lives too far, but... maybe the day after..

4. This afternoon I spoke with her husband. It seems she is NOT coming to visit. She is upset with me. I dunno why... Heck, I was cleaning my house until her husband told me she wasn't coming.

5. I try to be supportive.

6. I will not judge her.

7. I will love her - whether or not I agree with what she is doing.

8. She did not ask for my advice.

9. If she had, I would have told her to sit tight, don't make any life changes at the moment, concentrate on her family, and get her head in the game. She has a husband who loves her, 2 great kids, and a phenomenal support system. All she has to do is let them help her...

10. You cannot fix addiction without hard work. Replacing one addiction with another isn't smart... It doesn't work.

11. Her husband is heartbroken and worried. She isn't listening to her counselors at all.

12. I think she thought she hit rock bottom. I'm afraid she has not... Based on her recent actions, she has not...

13. I'm missing my friend. I wish she would come back... I wish she could return to the person she was. The one who loves her family more than anything. The one who planned gingerbread house decorating every year and didn't mind candy strewn on her kitchen floor. The one who talked about her girls and their comings and goings. The one who brought her girls to my house for the afternoon... I miss her.

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