Tuesday, August 26, 2008

They Survived

The first day of school was relatively uneventful for both of my children. LLB took the bus both ways - let me tell you that we will NOT be doing THAT again any time soon. They arrived home at 4:25. I can go, pick her up at 3:25 (she's always the last one out!), hit the library for a couple of books, and be home at 3:50.

She hopped into the car and immediately said, "I had a great day!"
Then she started chattering on and on about her teachers, her classes, her lack of homework, what she needed for today, and how there was a new trumpet in her band. I asked if he was good. She isn't sure, but we'll find out today. She practiced last night... a lot.... just to be sure that she and only she will be seated in the coveted first chair.

#1 hopped into the car, took a deep breath and told me about his day. He told me that he is the only person in his section to have the music memorized, how he loved his Spanish teacher, was excited about his business class, and that his math teacher hadn't been there that day but they had had a test anyway. (Insert record scratch here. - Wait, stop... rewind.) He took a quick breath and continued on with the cold hard facts - he had AP History homework, that it was hard, and that it wasn't due until next Tuesday. Then he started asking me questions about the Vikings... I don't know squat about the Vikings, but fortunately for me, Mr. knows all things history.

So - it was a good day all around.

Me? What did I do? I went to lunch with the girls, did the laundry, cleaned my kitchen, and watched a little Dr. Phil... it was a great day.

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