Friday, August 01, 2008

Things that make me go GRRR

We had the drum and bugle corps competition at our high school this past week. This is our biggest fund raiser of the year. That meant that we all had to show up on the hottest night of the year to work our tails off, sell food, tickets, programs, etc.

Every kid in the music program was supposed to help. We all know that the last week in July is a big vacation week, so we didn't have everyone, but we did have a bunch of really hard working people there.

What really burns my bippie is when people (who plead poverty all year and get scholarships for their kids to various activities) tell me that they don't want to help because they don't want to miss the show. They would rather fork out $20 per ticket and sit and enjoy it.

Let me tell you... I am steaming!

I'll start at the beginning.
I got a call in the morning from this woman. (She is whiny and lazy, and her kid is obese to the point I worry about him having a heart attack.) She asked me when the gates opened and how this whole drum corps thing worked. I explained to her that this was our major fund raiser for the the year and that we needed every single person to help.

"Well... it's hot. I'd rather just pay the money so we don't miss any of the show."
This is a woman who supposedly worries about every last penny. But, she can pay $60 for her and her 2 cherubs to come and sit at a drum corps show...
"Yes, this is always on the hottest night of the year. But, we really need you and your boy to help. If you help, you will work half of the show and see half of the show."
"Well... maybe I can just show up tomorrow and help clean up."
"No... we clean up right after the show so we don't have to go back in the heat of the day. We need you to have your boy there to help at 4pm."

We arrived at 4:30 after getting LLB from her dance camp. LLB and #1 got their staff shirts and went off to help at their designated spots.

At 6pm the gates opened. My #1 was selling concessions in the stands. My LLB was helping with concessions at the food stand. I was helping at the bank. My sweet Mr. who had been up since 4:30am was helping to park cars.

I hear this whiny voice,"Hi LBC! Are you working hard?"
I looked up to see the woman and her kids.
I grinned while I gritted my teeth and bit my tongue.

How dare she!?
The nerve!

Let me tell you.. if they apply for a band scholarship this year (I know her boy got a free ride to camp last year) and I can have a say, I say NO WAY IN HELL are they getting any of the funds we worked so hard to earn. They didn't help. They just sat on their butts and watched the rest of us work our tails off.

I was annoyed... totally annoyed... I still am annoyed. I firmly believe that if you are given a scholarship because you don't have the money, the least you can do is give your time when it is needed. But, I guess my momma raised me right...

I spent the whole night running - as did #1. As a matter of fact, I had a parent who was working concessions come over and tell me what a great kid my #1 is. He worked the whole night - didn't take a break. He just kept going like the energizer bunny. During the second half he was the only one selling - everyone else bailed on him.

Actually, he loved selling his stuff in the stands. He had a great time!

At midnight, #1 called me on his cell.
"Hi Mommy."
"Hi Bud!"
"I'm tired."
"I know, my boy. Are you finished cleaning up?"
"Yup. Everything is done. I can go."
"Meet me at the car. I'll take you home."

So - not only did he arrive and help set up at 4:30pm, he stayed to help clean up after carrying food in the stands from 6pm until 11pm.

On they way home #1 and I discussed the other boy not helping. #1 is NOT happy about it. #1 mentioned that one of the other kids bought a ticket to watch the show, but showed up early to help set up. #1 was okay with that. He felt that was fair because he did both.

I told #1 how proud I was of him and what a good job he did - as did his dad and his grandparents.
His response, "I had a job to do and I did it."

Yes, my boy...
You know how to work hard and give back.

I have taught you well.

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