Friday, August 22, 2008

What a week!

Yes it is finally Friday!

LLB is done working.
It was a hard week for her.
She does not do children who do not behave or who behave badly. That kind of stuff makes her crazy.

She got in trouble for snapping at a child who was picking at her sibling during a game. LLB had asked her nicely to stop more than once. Just so you know, we do NOT allow the children to pick at each other - EVER! It is a huge no no around here. LLB had reached her max of this child berating her sister and told her to "knock it off!".

We told LLB that we didn't care that she got in trouble, that we believe she did the right thing.

The next day, LLB went back with her head held high. She knew she was being scrutinized and watched. She held her tongue. She waited for the teacher to correct these nasty children. They were having cupcakes for snack. LLB told me when I dropped her off that she just knew that some little kid was going to smash another little kid's cupcake in their face. Sure enough... it happened. The sweet little girl whose cupcake got smooshed in her face cried. LLB consoled her. The little brat - he had to sit in time out. (Sorry, but I would have sent him home. But, I'm mean like that.)

Yesterday was the graduation ceremony. I arrived after it was over to help clean up and get LLB. The teacher was upset because some of the siblings of these little brats were screaming and crying and running amok during her ceremony and the parents did nothing. (The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, obviously.) Another parent told her that she'd have to make an announcement at the beginning of the next graduation that if younger siblings act up, the parents will have to take them out. I stood there with my mouth agape. LLB said what I was thinking, "Mrs. C... they should know better. They should NOT have to be told. They obviously need to come to Cotillion and be educated." That's my girl! I hugged her hard!!

While we were cleaning up, some children were running around like banshees. It seems their parents couldn't make it to the ceremony and were late picking them up. The teacher snapped at them. Then she looked right at LLB, hugged her and said, "See I do get to that point too!" I grinned and said, "LLB just gets there sooner than you."

So, LLB earned her $100.
I think she'd be willing to go back next year... then again... maybe not.

Today is the teacher luncheon at LLB's middle school. We are having pizza delivered, Gram's tortellini salad, Gram's cucumber salad, (Yes, I helped her make those. Okay... so I licked the spoons. That's helping isn't it?) mixed green salad, water, fruit with optional whipped cream topping, lemonade, and cream puffs. We went relatively healthy this year. If they don't like it, they can go eat pb&j somewhere else.

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