Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Montreal - Day 1 - A quick post

We are in Montreal.

It was a two hour wait at the border - but that is a story for another time when I have time.

Today we did lunch with the family at one of our favorite local restaurants - Yes, I got the Poutine.

We toured old Montreal and got the kids' caricatures done. The guy who did them captured the essence of both of them - their eyes were perfect!

We did the boat tour - complete with a glass of red wine. Yes, I'm having a great time - probably because my family is plying me with my favorite beverages... As I type this, I have a Labatt's Bleue sitting within arm's reach.

We tried to hit a musical instrument shop, but fortunately for me and my pocketbook, it had just closed 15 min. prior to our arrival. I don't think I could have gotten either child out of there without a new professional level instrument in their hot little fists. My BIL insisted that they could just try and not buy. He's funny. He thinks he knows these children. I know that they would have found "the perfect instrument" and been devastated when we made them leave it behind. Nothing would EVER compare and I would, again, be the MEAN one.

Tomorrow is LLB and my spa day with my SIL, L. We are all excited to spend the day doing girly things. Personally, I'm looking forward to having my fingers and toes expertly coiffed... as I am not one to EVER do this stuff. I just hope I can get through it without totally embarrassing myself - I'm the most ticklish person on the planet.

So - if you hear about a woman who kicked her nail person so hard that she flew out the door - It was an accident. I promise.

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