Friday, June 19, 2009


I was sitting having lunch with a group of friends the other day and we were discussing the reception for the 8th graders that happens after the awards ceremony.

One woman mentioned cutting the cake with dental floss.

My french fry froze in mid air. My mouth hung open. I blinked slowly. Time stopped as I looked at each one. I was blown away - again - by these women who know so much more about everything - and yet, they still let me hang with them...


Oh, yes, LBC! People cut large sheet cakes with dental floss.
There are no crumbs. The pieces are perfect every time.
No knives! No mess!! No knife wiping.

Do you need a special kind of dental floss? I'll get it.

No. I think any old dental floss will work.

So yesterday I arrived at school with a large spatula and a roll of dental floss.
And guess what?
It worked.
It would have worked better if the cakes hadn't been so cold. Umm... they'd been in the school fridge on the bottom and were almost, but not quite, frozen.
The frosting stayed put. There was no knife wiping...

So - I'm passing this on.
Dental floss cuts cake.

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