Thursday, June 18, 2009

She Cleaned Up!

LLB walked away with many awards today including the Lions Club Academic Excellence Award which came with a $100 savings bond.
She got the Band Student of the year award for excellence over the 3 years she was in middle school. How lovely!!!
She walked away with the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence - no surprise there. Her grades are terrific.
She got the Mathematics Award and the Science Award,too.
As her friend HP said (after he walked away with just as many prizes as LLB), I'm smart. I like being smart!"
Being smart pays.

I was awarded a prize as well. I volunteered in the band room for 5 years. I kept the music library in order, I substituted, I helped with the fundraisers, the receptions, and more. I got a certificate and the Music Library was named for me. I have a plaque with my name on it on the Music Library's door. I was so touched. I have never felt more appreciated.

I sure am going to miss middle school music...
High school music just isn't the same...

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