Monday, June 01, 2009

The Beginning of The End

We have 2.5 weeks of school left.
Those of you who volunteer at school frequently know what that means.
It means:
I will be at one school or another almost every day doing something.
I will be at home working on stuff for school almost every day.
Oh, yes, I need to do the band slide show...
Oh, yes, I need to make something for the high school's band banquet.
Oh, yes, I have to still get my house picked up and the laundry done.
I will be counting the days...
Time will fly and somehow we will get it all done.

#1 is ready to be done with school for this year.
He is so ready that he has volunteered to take the last school day off before finals to help out at the middle school. Fortunately for him, he doesn't have to take finals - the lucky dog!
More than anything, #1 is ready to do some serious sleeping in.

LLB is ready, too.
She is sick of projects and homework.
She is ready to finish with middle school and move on to the high school.
She is ready for summer and the challenge of music camp.

I, too am ready...
No more PTO.
Both children in one school.
One activity at a time.
No more ballet and the frustration that goes along with it.
I can see the light.
2.5 weeks - and the light will be brighter. And I'll be able to sleep in, too!
I am like The Little Engine that Could...
I think I can...

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