Tuesday, June 02, 2009


We had a couple of crafters at the strawberry festival give us a hard time because they didn't like their spots. They felt that people weren't buying because they didn't know that they were down a little aisle.
Believe me. There are no bad spots. The basket guy was on that aisle for 3 years and cleaned up each and every time.
There was one lady in particular - AKA: The Cookbook Lady - who gave me a hard time at the end of the second day.
She didn't like her spot.
She didn't sell enough cook books.
She wanted half her money back.
Ha! I think not!
She wanted MY volunteers (I don't have volunteers...) to stand at the end of the aisle and make people walk down there.
Ha! I think not!
Yesterday she called me. She tried to butter me up. It seems she wants to come back but wants a different space.
Ha! I think not!

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