Thursday, June 04, 2009

Double Standards

Mr and I don't go out on dates very often but when we do we go to exciting places like the dump and the local burger joint. We spend exactly $12.42. We are fortunate that don't have to pay a baby sitter because our children are old enough to stay home alone.

What I am blown away by is the fact that our illustrious president went out on a date to the tune of $1 million and no one is upset. He spent OUR hard earned cash to go to NYC with his wife!! You'd probably squawk if I spent your money to go out on my date - all $12.42 of it! How come no one is offended that he spent our money??

Michelle took her staff to a burger joint for lunch - a burger joint that got shut down for rats later in the day. She picks such great places to feed her staff... obviously that's not good enough for her... SHE had to go to NYC for dinner.

I am offended that the president and his wife felt they had to go to NYC to get a good meal and a show. Excuse me, but DC has world class restaurants and excellent theater opportunities. My theory is: if you are in NYC, then you eat in NYC. If you are in DC, you eat in DC. Was it really necessary to spend $1 million to go to dinner??

The government now owns the banks and a good chunk of the auto industry. People are having trouble making ends meet. People who have been in the auto industry for generations are finding themselves without jobs. How ostentatious of him to spend $1 million on dinner out.

Know what I see? I see socialism. It's okay for the rest of us to work, and scrimp, and just get by. But not him. He is partying it up on my dollar and I don't like it.

I see Mao all over again - except this Mao is named Obama.

Don't believe me? Go do some research.

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