Sunday, June 07, 2009


That's what I am.
We got a new Mac this week.
This: is sitting on my desk. And I LOVE it.
Our old eMac is 5 years old. It is still a functioning machine, but it's starting to feel it's age. It was time for an upgrade.
Will we just dump our old faithful? No way! It will be set up in the dining room for the children to use. (I also have an attic full of old Macs - including a classic - that I just can't part with.)
It will be nice to have a machine just for me (again) - 3 people on one computer is just too much! Especially when 2 of them have projects and I have stuff to do like write blog posts, balance my checkbook, and check my email. (I have needs.)
I got the iMac with 24 inch screen - yes, it is huge. It seems a bit excessive, but, you all know how frugal I am. I got last year's model for very little cash. It's all about the bargain...
This sweet iMac is faster and has 10 times the memory of my last one. The keyboard is wicked!! It's almost flat. The keys are smooth and don't require more than a light touch.
I have a couple of nit-noids to work out including finding the right outgoing email portal. Once I get them set this afternoon, I'll be golden.
I am not paid by Apple to say this, but I'm going to say it anyway:
Need a new machine? Get a Mac.

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