Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wow - Time flies

We've started summer around here - complete with sleeping late (7am is late for me), seeing a movie, and going out for ice cream.
Today we're starting out slow...
A leisurely breakfast and lunch and then an afternoon at a friend's pool.
I should make some goodies to bring over, but...
We'll see.

Next week marks the first camp of the summer - LLB is off to play her trumpet at a local band camp for the week. She'll be in the Jazz group with her other friends as they are experienced musicians.

Me? I'll be driving her to camp and picking her up. I think a movie is on the horizon for Tuesday - The Proposal. Tuesday is $1 popcorn day, so we need to go then... Besides that, I've got to do some music inventory at the church one morning and band uniforms another morning. See - I'm always busy with something!

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