Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday Memories

Monday Memories: Did I ever tell you About the Holly Ball?

Yesterday was the Holly Ball.
The kids go to the Holly Ball based on years in Cotillion - the 1st years went at 2 and the others went at 6.
Let me first tell you that I was standing at coffee hour at church when another mother told her daughter that they had to get a move on because the ball started at 2. I told the mother I thought it started at 3. She said, "Oh, no - it starts at 2." She was right. I was in full panic mode when I blew through the door. I had serious hair to curl!

We got the hair curled, the petticoat on, the nylons up, the dress over, the makeup on, the shoes buckled and the pashmina ironed in record time! LLB was simply stunning!

We - Grambug and I - stuffed LLB into the back seat and took off. LLB said she felt like a puffy package... I kinda thought it was more on the order of a stuffed turkey, but what do I know?

We arrived at the venue - a lovely historic home that was turned into a conference center. The grounds are gorgeous, the weather was perfect -- about 60 degrees and sunny. She looked very elegant as she arrived. I noticed a lot of mothers checking her out. (Hey - I know how to dress my kid to make an impression!)

The Handsome Prince arrived sporting an adorable Christmas tie. LLB thought it was cute, too because she mentioned it to me on the way home.

LLB and HP got split up at the beginning, but they soon found each other. They are great friends and have a wonderful time together. We left when we decided that
1. they had found each other
2. they were chattering a mile a minute while they danced
3. they weren't going to come close enough to let us take a picture of them dancing

When we picked them up at the end, another mother mentioned that LLB and some handsome young man were having the best time. They were dancing with a spring in their steps and her skirt was twirling! I thought to myself, "She must be dancing with HP." She was. My friend R (the Handsome Prince's mom) had arrived a little earlier and snuck in. She saw the whole thing. They were having a terrific time and they even got their picture taken! Woo hoo!

R and I were poised at the bottom of the stairs to get the perfect picture of them. We laughed because we realized that we actually live for this stuff... It's frightening, but really - it's all about the picture!

We flew back home to take pix of #1 Son before he left for his ball. He looked terrific in his khaki pants, navy blazer, white shirt and snowman tie. I combed his hair, took his picture and sent him out the door with Mr. Bug.

Mr. Bug called a little while later and told me that #1 refused to pose for any pictures while he was there. What a noodge!! Alas, that is the way he is. I only have 2 pix from last year...

When #1 arrived home, he said that he had danced with a bunch of different girls and had had a wonderful time.

The Holly Ball was a huge success!

That's one more activity to check off the list before Christmas... Now we head into Nutcracker Hell Week -- rehearsals every night... exhausted kids... But - it will all be over on Sunday!


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Katherine said...

How exciting! I would love to see pics of your kids all dressed in their ball clothes. I'm sure they were stunning.

Renee Nefe said...

Happy Anniversary!

I was wondering if you could tell me more about your ball.

Our Homeschooling group is trying to throw a winter ball and a few families are now saying that they no longer want to do it because they don't like the idea of throwing the kids into the "dating scene" at such early ages. The idea was for the kids to have a fun social not Hook Up!

I was thinking that perhaps if they saw other balls for kids that didn't include anything that looks like dating, I might change their minds.

Unknown said...

That sounds like a whole bunch of fun. I'm glad the kids enjoy it.