Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wordless Wednesday

I know you want to see pix of the kids all dressed up... So - this is the best I can do. They do have faces, but my photography skills don't permit me to show them.


MaR said...

Funny, we seem to have the same digital cam, mine doesn't show faces either, lol!
love her dress, it's beautiful! Your son looks very elegant too!
blogger isn't letting us -old bloggers!- comment on beta blogs today, I am using an emergency profile, lol!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty & handsome kids...even w/o faces. hee hee

I don't have a beta emergency profile, so I have to be anon.

still really Renee.

Angela said...

Beautiful :-).
Happy WW

craziequeen said...

Aren't the little bugs just the most gorgeous....

I bet LLB was the belle of her ball :-)

Struggling with Beta Blogger today to comment....having to use my Google account....


Anonymous said...

Very pretty and handsome!