Sunday, December 02, 2007

Busy doesn't describe it...

Yesterday started out with a bang! - Okay so it wasn't exactly a bang... It was more like a groan.

#1 had to be at the high school by 8:15 to march in 3 Christmas parades. Yes, they call them Christmas parades around here and we LOVE it!
I left there and headed to my church to pick up 3 tables for my school bell choir to use for their performance at 11:30. 3 handsome fellows put the tables in my car while Mr. continued to lead his men's breakfast discussion group. Their topic was "What is too much Christmas". He had a book of Christmas questions that he asked. The guys really enjoyed it and had a lot of laughs. The favorite question was the last one - Have you ever regifted or been given a regifted gift. It seems that someone got a knife set for their wedding present (in June) that had pine needles in it. I can only imagine the laughter!!

I zipped home and picked up LLB complete with ballet clothes but minus ballet slippers and toe shoes -- this will come into play later.

We arrived at the concert venue - outside in the shade behind an iron fence. The wind was blowing, but it was a crisp clear winter in VA type of day. It was crisp enough that everyone had pink cheeks, red noses and really cold hands. The hunt went by - the horses and the dogs - In my next life, I'm going to ride horses and have all the nifty jackets, riding pants, and boots that will fit in my closet.

The bells did great considering:
they were outside in the cold and the wind
they were two choirs
one substitute ringer - my sweet LLB
a couple of adults (including my Mr.!!)
the wind kept turning pages
AND they couldn't hear each other

Next year they are learning a processional and they are marching. That's it. I'm done with this silly concert stuff. A processional will be so much easier. AND it will be so much cooler!!!

After that, I headed off to school to drop off the bells and the music. Did I mention that I was smart enough to bring carts for all of this equipment? No carrying, just hauling and lifting.

By then, LLB needed lunch before her ballet rehearsal. I think this was when she realized she had forgotten her ballet shoes. We went to our favorite McDo. After we ate, we ran into some friends. Mr. took LLB over to the rehearsal and I stayed for a few extra minutes and chatted.

I took my car and headed for home. Those tables can wait in that there car until I go to church where I'm sure I'll find some handsome young(er) men who will be very happy to unload those tables from my car. (With age comes wisdom... I'm getting smarter every day!!)

We stoked the fire, grabbed the ballet shoe bag and a hairbrush (the other item we had forgotten in the am) and headed back to ballet in Mr.'s car. You know - like together. We were finally able to take one car.

I ran into the rehearsal, put up LLB's hair, gave her her shoes, spoke with the director, and learned that she would be done at 4. OMG!! #1's parade starts at 3. We need to be there since we've missed the other 2 parades. I placed a frantic call to my friend R - knowing that the Dancing Princess needed to be picked up at the same place - and she told me that she would take LLB home. Insert sigh of relief.

We got to the parade venue - the same place I was in the morning, mind you. We waited. The parade started a little late, but it was fun! They even had a corgi contingent marching. I think Zeb might be doin' that next year! We waited for what seemed like forever and then the HS band rounded the corner. They were playing The Grinch. All the flag kids were dressed up like Whos. OMG!! It was sooo cute!!! The band sounded strong and they all looked like they were having a wonderful time. I took my pictures.

We booked it to the car and checked the watch. It was 4. We knew that ballet would NEVER be over right at 4. I called R and told her we were going to make it. She said she'd wait with LLB. She's the sweetest friend.

We arrived just as everyone came out. I thanked R profusely. She showed me pix of #1 that she got at the 2nd parade. The boy looks like he has a caterpillar residing on his upper lip. That boy is shaving this morning!!!

From there, we headed down to the high school to pick up #1. He was one tired boy. I think he may have conked out on the way home. How many miles did we put on the cars yesterday? I dunno, but I used a half a tank of gas myself. And you know what? It was worth it.

What time did I go to bed? Ummm.... 8:30. Yes, I was pooped.


Melli said...

LOL! Tis the season!!! Ahhh... but these are the days you'll NEVER wanna forget! Waaaaay fun!

Clearlykels said...

i'm guessing this is why I missed you yesterday. Goodness. All that and you had a late night on Friday! you forgot to mention your awesome party on Friday night-- where the last stragglers did not leave until just past 11 (**cough cough** me **cough cough**)