Monday, December 10, 2007

The Holly Ball

LLB had her Cotillion Holly Ball last night.
When we arrived home from church at 12:50pm she asked if she could start getting ready. "LLB your chariot does not arrive until 5:30pm. I think you can wait a little bit. Besides, I've got to get your brother out of here by 1:20 since he's helping with year 1."
She was not happy, but she knew I had a point. I told her to be ready to start her hair at 3pm.
We got #1 out the door. He looked great.
We started LLB's hair at 3. We sprayed. We curled. We sprayed some more. This is what we did:

We decided to wait until 4:30 to start the rest of the beautification process - not that she needs beautifying in any way.

Here is the dress:

She looked so beautiful!
At 5:20 we were ready to wait for the chariot - complete with one HP - to arrive. While we waited, she said, "I'm excited. I think I have nervous excitement. Did you know that those feelings are both the same in your tummy? Yesterday I was nervous. Today I'm excited. My tummy feels the same."

Once HP's parents pulled up, she flew out the door. She practically ran to the car. I helped her get in - that's a lot of dress and petticoat to get into a car before the dance -- you have to look good when you get there.

They danced together a lot. When Mr. and I arrived just before 8, they were dancing the foxtrot. The best thing we saw was this: The kids had to find a partner close to their height - they immediately picked each other -- there was absolutely no hesitation there what so ever. Then they had to put a snowball (a whiffle ball) between their foreheads and dance without dropping it. (Mr.'s comment was "That had better be a really big ball...") LLB and HP didn't drop it once! They did have whiffle ball impressions on their foreheads, though! Not only did they not drop it, they danced beautifully and they chatted while they did it! They were too funny!

It took me a while to find #1. He was dancing with a pretty tall girl. I noticed that he managed to keep her as a partner even when they had to swap. So did LLB and HP. Those kids are really slick...

It was a pretty successful night. The only bummer was that when LLB went to get her Pashmina shawl, it was gone. I gave her my winter parka to wear. It was most attractive with her dress...

If any of you want to see the pictures - the ones with heads and faces - email me. If I deem you worthy, you'll receive access.


Melli said...

Wellllll... you knOw I do! Do send! Do send! That dress is beautiful - and the hair too! But I really DO want to see the "whole look"!

Jennifer said...

I would love to see 'em...but I don't know your e-mail address. Mine is sweetpea1971 at if you deem me worthy of viewing! What I've seen so far looks gorgeous! :)

Lazy Daisy said...

Wow, she is beautiful...She is growing up all to quickly.

MaR said...

Her hair looks so beautiful, the dress is gorgeous, I'd love to see more!!!!

MaR said...

Loved seeing the pics!!!

Susan said...

I loved seeing this glimpse and I'd love seeing the pics.

We go to the Debutante Ball this weekend...should be fun.