Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dinner with D!

Hey! Guess who I had dinner with tonight! D from Straddling the Line!
She and her family were on their way home from the Outer Banks and stopped to see us. LLB and I met them at Uno's. It was a terrific!!

Her family is just as sweet and wonderful as she describes them. I felt like I already knew them - it's almost surreal when you meet a blogger. You already know so much about them, and yet you are just meeting face to face.

D is just as "real" as she is on her blog. She's the sweetest nicest person you'd ever want to meet. I adore her now more than ever! Her husband deserves a medal for fighting I95 traffic and pouring rain so we could meet. He's calm and collected. He seemed very relaxed even with a long drive ahead of them.

Buddy is cool! I wish #1 could have met him as I'm sure they would have a lot in common. BTW: he has the best hair ever and the most gorgeous eyes... he'll be melting some hearts before you know it!! Bear - she's just so sweet (her freckles are adorable) and LLB had a nice time coloring and chatting with her. Chick is a gorgeous young lady who has her head on straight and will go far in life. I know that wherever she ends up for college, she will do fine.

It was sad to say goodbye, but with their long drive and the crappy weather... it was best that they get on the road as soon as possible. If we never meet face to face again, I know my family and I have a new and wonderful set of friends in D's family. We will keep up with each other. We will email. We will exchange pictures. We will watch our children grow and change - and leave our respective nests. We will celebrate with each other. We will cry with each other. We will be friends - That's really what it's all about.


Leanne said...

That is so wonderful! Why do all the cool people have to live on the East coast?! :P~~

craziequeen said...

I love that you are meeting all these bloggers.
Us Brits are so reserved, we don't do a lot of 'blog-meeting'....
Sounds an excellent visit - and hopefully not the last one for you two!

Anyway, Happy New Year my darling -
and thank you for allowing me into your family, it means a lot to me having those photos plop into my inbox periodically.