Sunday, December 30, 2007

Toilet Trauma

Remember last weekend when we had the party to end all parties? Well, it was about 2 minutes before the first guests were to arrive. I was just about to go choose my beverage when I heard #1 calling,
"MOM!! Quick! The toilet is overflowing! I can't get it to stop! You gotta help me!"
I went flying up the stairs expecting to see Mount Penatubo instead, I had Niagara Falls coming out the back of the toilet.
I turned off the water. Aren't I the smart one?!
I discovered that the bolt that holds the tank onto the base was broken - therefore we had a hole where the water was pouring out.
My next brilliant move was to flush.
This got the water out of the tank... Thus stopping the flow of water.
I was throwing every towel I had down on the floor to sop up the water so it wouldn't leak down into the kitchen, when #1 said this,
"Mom, I don't know what happened. I was taking a dump and I leaned back. I heard a crack and the water started pouring out."
"You leaned back? Why would you do that?"
"I needed to take a rest."

"Ladybug, Mr. calls, The guests are here!"
"Crap! #1, run down and get their coats. Then come back."

Huh??? Who leans back? He's taking a rest? From what?

"Mom, I'm back. It was your friend, F, and her husband, C. I had them sit at Gram's. Auntie is talking to them."
"Great. Thanks. Honey - don't lean back any more, k? That's bad... it breaks the toilet."
"Ummm... okay. I'm really sorry."
"No more resting. Do your poop and get out."
"Umm... okay. Can you fix it?"
"Do you think Santa will count this against me?"
"No. You're all set. Accidents don't count as naughty."
"Are you sure?"
"Yup.. but if you want to be sure, go take coats and be a good host."

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craziequeen said...

That son of yours.........[shakes head]
takes after Mr Bug, methinks?

I say it again - I love your family....!!

BTW - The crazie one is 'laid bare' at the Palace today.