Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Pahtay Recap

Well, it's over.
It was fun!
I think Mr. survived. He is still sleeping. We'll know in an hour or so how well he survived when it's time for him to get up.

We had our own band. A friend of ours is a wonderful person and a terrific musician who happens to play all kinds of instruments. He brought the music, his trumpet, and his valve trombone thingy and I supplied the instrumentalists. We had a french horn, a flute (2 if you count me), two trumpets - both red of course, a sax, and a clarinet. We played a bunch of Christmas carols. It was a blast!!!! The music was easy enough that I could think about other stuff and I couldn't help thinking that I never, in my wildest dreams, ever thought I would have a little band playing carols at my party in my house. It was wicked cool. I know Gram loved it. She finally saw something positive come out of those years of private flute lessons. (I did quite well, thanks.)

The house was full of merry makers. We had a marvelous time. The coo coo killer did not show up, but if they did I could have easily missed them. LLB and #1 had a bunch of friends to hang with and all the kids got along. At one point LLB and her friends escaped to the stair landing to eat. I heard girly laughter and when I looked up, there they were - ensconced on the landing chowing down. Hey - whatever works!

The pot luck thing worked out great! There was plenty of food and everyone ate until they were stuffed. I have a bunch of cookies and stuff like that left over. Those are going to church this morning for coffee hour. (Yes, I'm smart like that sometimes.)

The only mishap we had was a red wine spill... all over gram's blue portugese rug. The poor girl who spilled it was frantic. The glass just broke. It wasn't her fault. We had wine everywhere. We sprayed and sprayed some magic red wine antidote that Gram had. We rubbed and rubbed and it all came out. Note to self: No red wine at the next party. Another note to self: Buy stock in that magic spray.

I think it was a terrific party. The pot luck thing was the way to go. So, next year.. be here - and bring your instrument. You missed a good one!


craziequeen said...

Oh, one day, one day I'm going to get to see one of your parties - see you with your flute, LLB with her trumpet and Mr Bug and Grandbugs :-)

I think you're far too cynical about our big soft old Charlie....
The tree has survived for 3 hours so far - mind you, he hasn't woken up yet...


Mrs. Who said...

Sounds like a wonderful party! Merry Christmas.