Friday, December 14, 2007

Music to my ears

LLB had her middle school concert last night. It was lovely. The kids were tired, though. I have heard them play better. And, considering their concert was supposed to be last week, it was pretty good. Delays wreak havoc with performances. They were up for it last week - last night they just wanted to get it done.

LLB got up to play her piece. We've heard it a gazillion times. It was okay. It wasn't great, but if you didn't know the song - and most people didn't - it was pretty darned good. The nerves got the best of her and dried out her mouth.

I'm just glad it is over.
So is she.

We were on the way home and I mentioned to her that she had another shot at it.
I do? When?
Next Friday when you play for the school.
Oh yeah... I will play it perfect then.

Yup - she will. And I will send a bottle of water for her to keep next to her chair.

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