Monday, December 17, 2007

Phew... I'm glad that's over!!

What a weekend!
The Nutcracker went off without a hitch - all 4 performances this weekend. The kids did great and I took almost 300 pictures. Yup. I'm glad I have that digital camera!! Now all I have to do is upload them... That ought to take me about a week.

I did a photo fund raiser for the ballet studio and the pictures came in. They are so cute! I am pretty proud of myself... I told the parents that I would try to get them in for Christmas - some cared... some did not.

Anyway, I called the parents who wanted their pictures for Christmas. Most people were gracious and kind and accomodating. But, as you know there is always one... This lady returned my call yesterday and yelled at me for not using her new phone number. I told her that I used the number in the phone book and that I was calling her from my home and not the ballet studio. (Geez, excuuuuse me for trying!)
I told her that I was going into town later that day and that I could meet her at the studio to give her the pictures.
"No, I don't want to do that. I was already out today." (Like I wasn't...)
"Hmmm... okay. I teach at the school over there, I can tape the envelope to the back door of the studio and you can pick it up at your leisure."
"No... I don't go there unless I have to. Can you bring them to my house?"
"Ummm... no."
"Why don't you just mail them to me. That's better for me."
"I'm concerned that they will get bent. I don't have the right kind of cardboard." (I would have used the envelope in which they were shipped to me, but I need to send something back.)
"Just mail them. I'll pay your postage."
"Fine. I'll do that."
Then she told me her address and hung up. No thank you. No nothing.
Bah humbug to her!

People like that ruin it for the rest of them...

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