Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Last Big Blast

Our party to end all parties is tonight. Mr. made his world famous chili and our house smells great. Gram has been cooking for the past few days and has wonderful goodies to set out tonight.

I did the costco run - I made sure that the adult beverages are in excellent supply. Yup, my car sounded like a beer truck making a delivery... clink clink clink all the way home.

I have a few more presents left to wrap and some laundry to fold. I did some dusting and I need to run the vacuum in the family room. Other than that, the rest of the house looks pretty good. I have to put the children's gifts for their friends in a big basket - and then they have to remember to give the gifts.

Some of LLB's and #1's friends will be here with their parents tonight. I love these kids and I want them to be here. I do NOT want little kids here. They touch my stuff and break things - like LLB's coo coo clock. One woman who has a bratty little kid (who broke the coo coo) called yesterday and asked if children were coming. I told her that the older kids would be here, but that I'd rather not have the younger set. She was a bit put off and I think she is still bringing her kid... All the others with younger children are leaving them home. Why can't she do that?

Well, I'm sure I'll have all kinds of blog fodder pop up tonight. I just hope I can remember it all to share with you tomorrow. Maybe I'll keep a notebook and a pencil in my back pocket, so I can write it all down as it happens... Or, I could be nice and take the stance that "what happens at the party... stays at the party". Nah... What fun is that?

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