Friday, December 28, 2007

Craziness - 2nd Try

Booger published my post... I wasn't done. I didn't ask it to publish my post... So - those of you who think you've read the whole thing... try again, please.

Christmas was a blast!
We got up, let the dog out and promptly lost him. He ran off somewhere. I guess he didn't want to see what Santa had left for him. He came back eventually.
We opened our stockings. The children were happy with their sugary loot. I was happy with their toothbrushes and their fluoride rinse.
From there we moved into the living room for our presents. The kids got their requested video games and some clothes.
#1 was thrilled with his game - He curled up on the couch and settled in for some serious play.

LLB cranked up her DS and plunked herself in front of the tree with her new games. (Yes, that's a bow stuck to her forehead... don't ask...)

Gram, Grandpa, Nicole and John came over once their loot under their tree was opened. We then opened more great gifts. The children got new cameras from their Auntie and Uncle. I got enough cross stitch supplies to make a gift for each and every one of you and still have stuff left over. I also got a Cricut! OMG!! That is the best gift ever!!!! Gram got a mixer and an internet booster thingy. Grandpa got tool cabinets for his workshop a new hat.
Now he can mow the back 40 in style.

The magic - you all want to know all about it, I'm sure...
We have this magic bag. It is always opened last - I mean dead last. There is one special gift that goes in the bag. This year it was for LLB and #1 - a joint gift.
When I bought this wonderful gift, I wanted to be sure that they knew how very special it was. So... I decided to torture the children - just a little bit - because I can...

I sent them on a scavenger hunt. Bwahahahaaaa!!

They ran the .2 miles down the driveway to the mail box and back... they ran up stairs... they ran downstairs... They went inside and outside... They found the clues one by one.

When they finally got to the gift, this is what they got:

Think they liked it?

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Leanne said...

Dang! Where did you find that?!?!?! Do they know how lucky they are?!?!


Been looking for months.