Tuesday, December 04, 2007


We make gingerbread houses every year.

The tradition started years ago when the kids were little.
We'd go to my friend W's house to decorate the houses. We'd all bring some candies and a bare house. Then we'd stuff ourselves full of candy and pizza. The kids would put a few decorations on the houses, give up and go watch a Christmas movie, and the moms would finish up. It was a fun thing we did every year.

Alas, things change. W has since moved to Wisconsin and we moved here. The past few years my children did their gingerbread house by themselves while Mr. and I stood around and critiqued, drank wine, and ate candy. This year we decided to share our tradition with HP, the Dancing Princess, and their parents.

Sunday was the day!
I put the houses together after church with LLB's help. You know, you need 10 small hands to put those things together...

I made pizza. Yes, amazingly enough, I CAN cook.

The houses started out like this:
FYI: LLB and #1 always share a house. I asked if they wanted their own, but they really wanted to share. Fine with me. It has always been this way... Next year might be different.

We parents stood around, ate pizza, critiqued, made cement - umm... I mean icing, and took more pictures than the paparazzi.

This is how the houses came out:
LLB and #1's - Side A Side B

Aren't they cute??

This sure is a nice way to start the Christmas season!!


Anonymous said...

Those are so sweet!

I say every year I'm going to make them with the kids..and never do. This year I think i really WILL though :-D

MaR said...

Oh, what fun, they are adorable!! what a wonderful Xmas tradition!

Susan said...

Oh my goodness, we used to make the graham cracker variety in my classroom. It drove me CRAZY! I have never tried it at home. I think it'd be more fun with wine!

:-) Susan

Melli said...

They are AdOrAble! We've made them a few times -- but we don't do it every year! It is FUN though! I'm glad you found other friends to "share" the time with too... friends always make things BETTER!

Clearlykels said...

so much cuteness. I love it even if i did only get to see you for a quick minute on Sunday.