Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sunday Summary

Yesterday was Mr. Bug and my 17th anniversary. We celebrated with mimosas and munchies at about 7pm last night. We were joined around our island paradise by the Grandbugs and the kids. We munched until we could munch no more and then we hunkered down for some serious Christmas TV watching. I made it through the new show - I think it was called Holidaze - it was okay. The kids started The Grinch, but by then, I was so pooped I gave up and went to bed. I wasn't the only one - Grambug was crashed on the couch!

Why didn't we celebrate our anniversary earlier in the day? Why were we so pooped? I'm sure you all want to know.

Well, the kids and I got up at 6:15, took showers, and were out the door with Grambug in tow by 6:55. We headed off to District Band Auditions at some high school south of Manassas. We arrived there at 7:30 and then stood in line until 8:30. At 8:30 we started moving towards the registration area. Based on our position in line, I thought we'd be sitting around all day, but I was incorrect. #1 Son was the 5th alto sax to audition and LLB was the 7th trumpet. We were done by 10am and the auditions, that were supposed to start at 9, started late. We thought we did pretty well - timewise.

#1 came out of his audition and said that he did super on his scales and his audition piece. He thinks he may have made a few minor mistakes at the end of the sight reading piece. He sounded very confident and I certainly hope he makes it. Last year he was #5 - they only pick 4 saxophones. He wants to be first chair. He's good enough - let's just hope the judges think so.

LLB came out of her audition and said, "I stink!"
We said, "Why? What happened?"
"I nailed the audition piece, I did okay on the scales, but that sight reading thing was so hard! It had a whole bunch of high notes that I don't think I have ever seen and he only gave me 35 seconds to look at it before I had to play it. I had only figured out the first line when he said time was up!"
"Every trumpet that came out said the same thing, honey."
"Mom, I stunk at it."
"Well, you know they pick 10 trumpets. 40 are auditioning. You just have to hope that you stink less than the others. Besides, we will love you even if you don't make District."
LLB grinned... "I know... but I wanted to be the first 6th grader to make it." (She has no self esteem issues!)
"Okay, let's be realistic. You started learning the pieces on Wednesday because before that you were learning your solo. You cleaned up your scales last night and finally got them memorized on the way here. Most of these kids have been working on this stuff for months. Just think how good you would have been with another couple of days rehearsal time.."
"Yup, I would have been first chair." (Like I said, no self esteem issues with this one!)

From the audition, we went home to make lunches. The kids had Nutcracker rehearsal from 12 - 5. Grambug and I dropped them off and then came home to a wonderful lunch of bratwurst in beer. Yummy! Then, I made some royal icing and put the kids' gingerbread house together. They had been begging me to do it for a couple of weeks now, but we just had no time.

I arrived at the dance studio at 4 to get some chores done and at 5:15 I hauled the kids out of there. They weren't done, but I was definitely finished! I told them to tell the teacher that it was their parents' anniversary and that we had plans. The kids asked what kind of plans - I told them that we had to decorate our gingerbread house. I got cheers for that one! We hit the house, washed our hands and got down to some serious decorating.

The beginning:

Almost done:

Her sides are finished:

His sides are finished:

Where did all the extra candy go? He he he... I'll never tell! Actually, I told Grandpa Bug... Hm... I better go see if there is any left...


Ramblins of a middle-aged goddess said...

No wonder everyone was tired...Congrats on your anniversary!! You are starting to get up there in the high anniversary numbers!! Congratualtions!!! Sandy

Norma said...

Happy anniversary, first. Second, that is a fabulous decoration. Just wondering if you got the camera all gooey.

My Monday Memories is up--looking at family things in a book case. Check here.

Katherine said...

Fun day! I love the gingerbread house pics! I sent one to my nephew for Christmas, I just wish I could be with him to decorate it.

Anonymous said...

Awwww...Happy Anniversary!! I love the house, too.

Once again, you all blow me away with just how busy you are. It's quite a balancing act, I know.

By the way, my brother used to live in Manassas. It's such a nice area.

Have a great week!


Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like it was wonderful, even though you had to make an early evening of it.

Jane said...

Well Happy Anniversary to you both!! Sounds like you had a great time!!!
The gingerbread house is wonderful. I know that must have been fun.

Lazy Daisy said...

Awwww....what a great start on a wonderful marriage. Love the house...lots of work for sure. My kids used to make houses for their friends out of frosting and gramcrackers.