Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ahh.. the sounds of...

Not exactly silence, but it sure is quiet around here with the children back at school. They were particularly quiet as they got ready for school - I think they were both on autopilot as their eyes weren't exactly open... they were more like slits. When they ate, they even chewed in slow motion. It was pretty funny!

I was going to go to my Jazzercise class, but the wind is gusting to 50mph at my house and I really don't want to be out in it. I did take LLB to school and it wasn't fun driving. I saw a tree come down beside the road as I was driving past. It was a bit - okay a lot - scary and I took it as a sign to go home. To get some exercise, I'll take the dog for a walk this afternoon once the winds die down and I'll run the stairs (I have a bunch of laundry to do).

I have to teach my handbell class this afternoon. I think we are going to do some serious technique refining today. I have a couple of things I want to try out with them... Some have excellent technique and others just don't. I think I'm even going to give them some homework... bwahahahahaaaaa! I am also going to dig out something really challenging for them and change their bell assignments for the piece... They need something wicked hard to sink their teeth into. Any of you ringers/directors have any suggestions for a 9 person 3 octave choir?

Okay. I'm off to run the stairs and fold laundry.
Wish me luck.

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