Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New Look

Not that I wanted one... I was happy with what I had, but it seems that my template that Denise had done for me was shafted by Photobucket. It appears that they have dumped her pretty pictures that she made just for me.
Alas, I will eventually get over the trauma of it all.

I spent much of the evening fighting with Booger trying to load all the goodies I used to have. Booger is a pain in the patootie! It doesn't like this code... it needs a parameter... it needs something else... I'm not a codie!! I don't want to be a codie!

So - this is as far as I got. My TT blogroll is gone. My regular blogroll is gone! I'm just furious and frustrated and thoroughly annoyed.

Fortunately, I read most everyone on my google reader, but still... there were a few that the reader wouldn't pick up. URGH!!

I have a web page design program thingy on my computer... I may just have to design a whole new page. For now - enjoy this little ditty and bear with me, k?

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