Friday, January 25, 2008

Free Bread

I went to the grocery store to get Italian bread for #1 to take to the swim team carbo-loading party last night. I went to the store close to the high school. The bread was $1.49.
I thought, "wow, that's pretty good... I'll get some at the store closer to home if Mr. wants it for dinner."

I picked LLB up from school and called Mr. He wanted the bread, so I went to our local store... The stores are both the same chain. I went to the bakery section and found the bread. The price - $2.99


I went to customer service and I asked why there was such a difference in price - we are 25 min. north... Maybe latitude has something to do with price...

The lady called the bakery. Yup... $1.49.
Nope.. package says $2.99.
She called the other store. Yup... $1.49.
She scanned my bread. $2.99
Whooo she was mad! It seems someone isn't doing their job.

She smiled at me and told me that it was "on the house".
I told her that I was happy to pay for it, that I just wanted to know why there was a difference.
"There isn't supposed to be a difference. The stores are all supposed to be exactly the same. All the prices are supposed to be the same across the board."
"Thanks for not yelling at me."
"I wouldn't yell at you. I honestly just wanted to know why."
She smiled. "Not everyone is as nice as you are."
"Thanks. Have a good day."

LLB and I walked out with free bread. She got a lesson in human relations and economics. I saved $1.49.
And... it was delicious!

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