Tuesday, January 22, 2008


My LLB used to ice skate - a lot... as in 3 times a week with a private coach. Alas, that was in New England where there is an ice rink on every corner. Here in VA, they are few and very far between. She hasn't been able to continue, and though she doesn't complain, I know she misses it.

Yesterday, we went to an outdoor rink - it has a roof and a Zamboni. It is not a regulation size rink, but it is ice and it is only 30 min. from the house. LLB put on her horrific rental skates and took off. (The child's last pair of skates cost me $500-- just so you know what she is used to having on her feet.)

She absolutely floated. HP hadn't yet arrived, so she had a few minutes to soak in the freedom that ice skating is for her without having to share. Her hair billowed in her breeze. Her whole body relaxed. She became one with the ice. It was really neat to watch -- and yet for me, it was just a wee bit sad. She absolutely loves to skate and it is the one thing I cannot give her here.

She and HP skated for almost 2.5 hours. They went around and around. They laughed. She taught him how to do a spread eagle. She showed the Dancing Princess how to do crossovers. LLB had a marvelous time. Her cheeks were pink and her smile was wide. I know she didn't want to leave, but I had popcicle toes and it was time...

She told me on the way home that she really misses skating and she wants to take lessons again... I don't think she realized how much she misses the ice - until now.

Most kids want a cell phone or a lap top. Mine wants to ice skate.

So, if you know of anyone with an extra pile of cash who wants to invest in a little bit of ice, have them call me.

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