Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I have to what?

I am the co chair of our PTO and back in June when they asked me to be co-chair it sounded like a sweet deal. C and I would - together - make one decent chair person.

Fast forward...
C, the poor thing, hurt her foot over the summer (it was bad!!) and it got so infected that she almost lost it. She's been in constant pain, had IV antibiotics, and finally another surgery. She's one tough cookie and I simply adore her... Let's just say I never would have taken on the position if she hadn't been the other chair person.

We each have our things that we are good at. C is amazing! She prepares the agenda and runs the meeting, does the newsletter, and makes the bulletin board pretty. I do the grunt work, the research, and the behind the scenes stuff - like making posters and buying soda. I am at school events and functions when she can't be. I like it. She likes it. It works well for us.

In late December, C had her last surgery. She sent me an email asking me to do the newsletter, as she wasn't sure what would happen if she tried to do it while on the medication she was taking. No problem. Then the the bulletin board needed to be changed. It's not pretty like she does it, but it is done. I am more than willing to help.

Until now...

I have to run the meeting tonight - alone.
That's a problem.
We have an internet safety presentation immediately following the meeting, so fortunately, the meeting will be SHORT! Very very short.

At least they can't cut my pay or fire me...

Lord knows I couldn't get that lucky!

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