Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday Somethings

We survived 2 snow days and have 3 more days of everyone home. We made and ate one batch of chocolate chip cookies, 2 bags of popcorn, and are considering molasses cookies for tomorrow afternoon. The two swim meets that were supposed to happen this weekend were canceled. The kids are unhappy as is the coach. It seems rather foolish to cancel the meets, as the roads are clear and they don't happen at school. But, I'm just a mom - what do I know?

My CRV has returned from the brink of death from the dealership. I didn't even know it was ailing - until the check engine light came on. My car is fixed, and my pocketbook has coughed up its last nickel! The CRV got oxygen sensors, a wheel alignment, a bunch of flushes (The poor thing is having an identity crisis! Is it a toilet or a car?), and some other transmission stuff, I think. The next time it goes in, it will need a timing belt and a power steering fluid flush - anybody know if this is really necessary? But, it does have 100+k miles on it, and I need it to last another 100k. The cash I paid still beats a car payment every month. (See, now you KNOW I'm cheap!)

LLB is going ice skating on Monday. She is going with a non-denominational youth group. I am hoping she has fun, because the youth group looks terrific! HP likes to skate - who knew? - and he is going to join her. That's great for me because that means I'll have my dear friend, R, to chat with while I watch and wait. When I told LLB that HP liked to ice skate, her eyes lit up. Very few people here like to skate or can skate. I think we may have found her a skating buddy. Even if we only go a couple of times a year, she will have someone to skate with who has a clue! Anyway, LLB and HP are thrilled. They never really realized that they both liked to ice skate. It's funny how that happens.

#1 has a huge History project due on Thursday. The directions/requirements are in his locker. Of course they are. I emailed his teacher and she actually got back to me. We will be finishing up his project today. If you need us, we will either be at the Library doing book research or at the dining room table making the required 5 color poster. The subject is King Ramses the Great... wooo he sounds hot... I think he may have been quite hot! He had 8 wives and over 100 children. He was a busy man with a huge diaper bill and a kingdom to run...

LLB has dance class this afternoon. It's just as well because I have work to do over there. We missed Tuesday because LLB was under the weather. I have to get the checks put in and figure out who owes tuition money. It never ceases to amaze me how many people don't pay and have to be chased down for their rotten $44 every month. I need a bouncer... I need someone who can shake these people down at the door.

That's life around here.
Tonight I may play a couple of rounds of Wii golf with the family.
I won last night! I'm such an athlete!

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