Sunday, January 13, 2008

More Kitty Tricks

Our kitten is nuts - but you already knew that.

She is obsessed with the toilet.
Yes... the toilet.
If she hears one flush, she comes running. She will bang the bathroom door with her head to open it. There's nothing like giving your self a concussion just so you can watch the water swirl in the commode...

The other day, the toiled was flushing and she came blasting into the bathroom. I had already shut the lid on the toilet. She was frantic! She actually started biting the toilet lid - She thought that if she bit it, it would open. Silly cat!!

This morning as the contents were making their way toward the septic tank, the kitten stood on her hind legs, put her paws over the rim of the seat and basked in the glory of the swirling water. I think I saw her eyes glaze over! I really don't know what is so exciting about a flush, but she lives for it! Once the water was gone and the pot started to refill, she hopped up on the seat and hung her head in. The view must be so much better from that vantage point... She watches intently. Once in a while she'll put her paw into the water - I guess she wants to make sure it's real...

Personally, I think she needs to lose her balance and go for a quick swim...

She has figured out that the flush happens when the lever is pushed... she hasn't figured out how to do it herself yet, but... she's pretty smart... It won't be long before she'll be showing all the neighbor cats how to do their own swirlies!

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