Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Update

Ramses is finished. The paper, the poster, the bibliography -- all of it is done! I don't care if I ever hear anything about Ramses ever again. At this point, I know it all. If #1 has to do an oral presentation, he's all set. He can talk until he is blue about the red-headed hooked nose pharaoh.

LLB and I are off to ice skating this afternoon. I sure hope it warms up a little bit. It is a crisp 10 degrees out there right now and I'm not one for cold. She mentioned wearing a skating skirt, but I'm thinking a pair of pants might work better. She never feels the cold like I do, though.

Both children have their instrumental lessons this morning - one at 10, the other at 10:30. They are NOT happy that I scheduled them on a "holiday". Bwahahaha!!! I'm the meanest mother around.

My sweet Mr. is under the weather again. He's a stuffed up, coughing, sore throat mess. I am hoping he makes a trip to the doctor today. We've had strep and all kinds of other nasties going around, so I would like him to get checked out - and if he comes home with some penicillin of some sort that would be good, too.

Have a great day and I'll catch you all tomorrow!

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