Thursday, January 24, 2008

Crazy Car Day

Today is one of those...
#1 has one final exam. It is this morning. It's nice that it's early.
I put him on the bus at 6:38. I come back and get LLB ready. I leave the house at 8:00 to drop her at school. From there I will head down to the high school, where I will pick up #1 at 9:05. There isn't time to go home. There isn't time to do an errand. There is time, however, to sit in my car and play my Nintendo DS.

Once #1 is out of school, he is coming to Wallyworld with me to get soda and chips for the middle school dance tomorrow. We will stop at the middle school on the way home to drop it all off.

This afternoon, I have to bring #1 back to the high school for swimming. On the way, we will stop and get an Italian bread for the spaghetti supper he is attending after practice. Fortunately, we have wonderful friends who are picking up #1 and their son after practice. They are driving #1 over to the supper to save me an hour in the car.

I will leave the high school and go back to the middle school to get LLB.

LLB, Mr. and I will eat dinner and have LLB out the door for 5:55. I will drop her at dance and head off to my bell rehearsal. Then, I will head out to get #1 and Mr. will go get LLB at dance. (This is providing that the swim coach will keep #1 until 7:45 when I can get there... otherwise the plan needs to change...)

It's totally nuts, but it is what it is...

Tomorrow - that's easy. #1 doesn't have school - just a swim meet later in the day that Mr. needs to be at to sell programs or something. I have a bell board meeting that includes lunch and dinner. LLB has a normal school day and a dance. If need be, Gram and Grandpa will pick her up at school and spoil her rotten.

If only they were all that easy...

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