Sunday, July 15, 2018

Bicycles? No thanks...

Those who cycle seem to love it.
Those of us who have to drive while the cyclists are cycling on our roads - which run at speeds at 55mph with no shoulders - we hate it. We understand that bicycles are legal “vehicles”, but why would these people ride on virtual highways? Yes, they look like empty country roads, but they aren’t. Our roads are hilly. We can’t see over the top of these hills until we are at the top - and at 55 mph, it’s very scary to crest a hill and find a cyclist in the way! If the sun is at the wrong angle, we can’t see you at all because of the glare. It’s not safe for the cyclist or the driver. It’s not safe for those of us who live here, work here, and commute here.
So, if you want to cycle, please find a bicycle trail. Don’t cycle out here on our country roads. Really. We want you to come to our wineries. We want you to come pick peaches and berries. Just drive your car... leave your bikes at home.

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