Monday, July 16, 2018

Leo and Mischief

have gone home.
Leo was not pleased to be put into a crate and then into a car. He was so displeased that he peed... all over that crate and Mischief. He even managed to get some out of the crate and onto LLB. That went over huge... not.
LLB took matters into her own hands. She was not putting up with that kind of behavior! Especially in the car, thanks. Those two cats ended up getting bathed in the tub with soap and water. She was not having pee soaked cats running around her apartment! They proceeded to clean themselves for hours after that bath... because soap and water is gross as far as they are concerned.
LLB ended up bathing her cats, cleaning the crate, setting up a new cat tree, replacing the kitty litter, AND after she finished all of that, she had to go wipe down the interior of her car with vinegar to be sure that there wasn’t any cat pee in there...
That, my friends, is what pet ownership is all about... pee, poop, and cleaning up...  You thought it was about companionship, love, snuggles, and purrs... Ha! Nope.

Mini is still not sure they are really gone, but is enjoying leaving food in her bowl for later.

As for me... I’m still sweeping up kitty litter, finding toys in weird places, and leaving doors ajar because I can!

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