Sunday, July 22, 2018

Trucks and stuff...

My SIL has a truck. He is the most thoughtful and considerate truck owner. He always backs it in and makes sure that the back end is either over grass or up against something that people won’t be walking behind. For some reason, I thought most truck owners were as considerate as he is, but I was incredibly wrong in that assumption.
Yesterday I was at a shopping center having lunch with my family. We were seated at a window that looked out on the sidewalk. A spot opened up right up front. A huge truck backed into the spot. His back end - complete with trailer hitch extending a few more inches - took up half the sidewalk. 4 able bodied adults emerged and went into the restaurant. I liked their license plate very much, but their parking - not so much. Just then, a little old lady was being dragged along by her family member and I was sure she would trip on the hitch. Somehow, she didn’t. I’d like to think my quick prayer and her guardian angel took care of that.
I looked around the parking lot and saw that there were many trucks backed in over the sidewalk, some were taking up more than one spot. I’m sorry, but Americans need to wake up and be a little more considerate. Just think about someone other than yourself - your fellow American. You don’t have to fix the world. Focus on those here at home first and the rest will shake itself out.

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