Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Crocheting one stitch at a time...

My yarn stash is ... umm ... a little larger than I thought. It is a good thing... right?

I’ve finished one gray blanket out of Icelandic wool. It is warm, but lightweight. LLB is sending that one off to her in laws to thank them for having them at their homemfor a week. I hope they like it, because it is a really nice one!

I’m working on a triangular shawl for the church, a cream Icelandic wool blanket, and a really lovely triangular shawl in a fabulous deep blue green wool. On top of that, I’ve got to make 2 baby sweaters for a friend whose son and daughter are both having boys within a week of each other. How does that happen??

I just need time to sit still and work on this stuff... maybe once I’ve packed everything up, the renovation starts, and I’m limited in what I can do? Yep... that sounds about right. Until then, I’ll steal a few minutes here and there and crochet when I can.

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