Thursday, July 19, 2018


I wonder what happened to respect. When football players started kneeling, that made me angry. Our first responders and military fight and some gave all for the freedom that flag represents. How dare any American kneel or step on those colors! That offends me to my core! Have they no respect? No. No they don’t.

What happened to respect for others? So many people are rude and disrespectful to each other. You can’t have a discussion these days without getting shamed if you disagree. I spent my whole life being quiet, being nice to others, and trying to see both sides of a situation. I may have wanted to shake people who disagreed with me, but I never did. Why can’t people agree to disagree? What happened to tolerance? Does tolerance only happen when you agree?

 What happened to respect for our president? Now, you don’t have to like the guy who resides in the White House, but you should respect the Office he holds. I certainly didn’t like the previous guy, but I respected the office. If I had been invited, I definitely would have gone and been polite. I’m so tired of listening to the media poo poo every single thing President Trump does or doesn’t do. In my world he is doing a great job - as evidenced by my bank account, how happy my service members are to be working under him, jobs numbers, and the excellent economy.

The balloon thing in London was completely rude and disrespectful to our president and our nation. They dissed every single one of us with that nastiness. I am appalled at that behavior and I can’t believe that any American would want to even begin to bring that thing here!

Know what I want to see? How about the nation come together, give the guy a chance and the benefit of the doubt, and enjoy the good things he is doing?

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