Saturday, July 28, 2018

Fun and Games

I like to play games. Card games, video games, board games, etc. I’m currently hooked on Animal Crossing Wild World for the Nintendo DS. Yes, I still have one and yes, it still works. As a matter of fact, it’s in perfect condition. This little game is so much fun! We have the Wii version, too. I enjoy that one just as much! Mr likes the music - says it’s relaxing and mellow. :)
I have to work today. I’ll not be playing any games there. It’s supposed to be a nice day. I’ll be pouring wine. Come out and see me!
Mr is going shooting with LLB while I’m working. I am just a teeny tiny bit jealous, but every daughter needs daddy time, so it’s ok!
We have a tree guy coming to give us an estimate later this afternoon. We need to get these dead trees down before they fall down. Our regular tree guy must be busy because he hasn’t called us back. Unfortunately, we can’t wait for him this time. These dead trees are simply dangerous.
Later this evening we have a reception to remember a neighbor who died this week. We will toast him, hug his wife, and catch up with the rest of the neighbors.
It’s a busy day, but a fun day!

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