Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Friends are very important.
I have a group of 4 friends who are the funniest, most generous spirits I’ve ever known.
When our kids were in high school, we volunteered and ended up spending almost every weekend in the fall laughing and working together. In the spring, we would see each other at concerts, track meets, and more. Basically, we saw each other all the time, hung out, and shared more than a few dozen meals together.
And then the kids went off to different colleges and we lost touch. We’d see each other here and there, but we drifted. If we saw each other, we’d say that we neede to get together and that would be that.
I ran into one of the husbands at the dump. I mentioned getting together and got the same answer I always got - “yup, we need to do that”. So, I decided that I missed those funny inspiring women and I was determined to meet at least a couple of them for lunch this week.
I sent an email asking if they could get together on Thursday for lunch. Guess what?! Every one of them can make it! Every single one! I am so excited! I know I’m going to laugh and catch up and have a wonderful time. And I can’t wait!
So, if you have a friend you haven’t seen, get moving and make some plans.
Life is too short!

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