Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Busy busy!

I’ve been trying to prep for upcoming renovation. I’ve been cleaning out, sorting, organizing, and storing.

The one thing I didn’t realize was the quantity of yarn I happen to have.

It’s ... umm... almost looking like an episode of hoarders.

In an attempt to downsize, I’ve taken all the small balls and 1/2 used skeins and donated them to the prayer shawl group - you know that I’ll probably end up taking some of it back to make a shawl or 5, but for now, it has a home where maybe someone else can put it to good use.

The full skeins have been organized into bins... And, I need more bins... I told you it was a bit of a problem. I’ve started making easy V-stitch blankets in an attempt to use some of the weird , but amazing, Icelandic wool that has “texture”. It makes a really nice warm light weight blanket.

If you want a blanket, a shawl, a scarf, or mittens for Christmas, put your order in now. If you want a wool blanket, specify grey, white, or marled. If you want mittens - pick a color and if I have it, I’ll make them for you. If you’re super lucky and I have enough, you’ll get a matching scarf. If you want a shawl, email me. Those take a specific amount of yarn and we will need to collaborate.

Ok, I’d best get back at it! I’ve got a lot to pack, a lot to organize, a lot to move into storage, and a lot of presents to make.

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