Monday, July 30, 2018


Mini has quirks.

Yes, I know, everyone in my house has quirks...

Mini is our cat, as you know. She has always been quirky, but lately, I’ve noticed a trend...

Mini does not like Mondays. Mr heads back to work on Monday morning. Mini gets very upset when he walks out the door. He leaves at 4:58. How do I know this? She comes upstairs, steals socks from the laundry basket, and cries very loudly. It sounds like she is saying, “Hello?” (complete with question mark) over and over again. I have to call to her to get her to quiet down.
This morning I found a pair of socks at the top of the stairs.
Mini also gets upset when I leave the house during the day. I come home to socks left all over. They can be found on the stairs, in the kitchen, in the family room, and in the hallway. One day I came home to what we lovingly call “sock circles”.
Mini likes her people at home. She doesn’t need to be with us every second, but she wants us close. Mini is the sweetest cat!

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