Friday, October 16, 2009


I'm busy today - I've got to make cookies and package them for the band kids, finish up the handbell scrapbook that I got absolutely nowhere with yesterday, get my rear end to an afternoon/evening meeting for noon, and finally get back out to the high school for 7pm. Wish me luck.

It is rainy and gray today. It is homecoming. The combination kinda stinks. According the principal, the show will go on as long as there isn't any lightning or downpours. LLB went out with a winter coat (with down insert), scarf, gloves, and extra socks. That child will NOT be cold tonight. Her band hat will protect her head and keep her hair dry. #1 went out with his band jacket... It's a really good thing that boy runs hot!

This kind of weather is really hard on the woodwinds. I'm glad we only have one woodwind in this house! The brass can handle the water, but the sax's pads can get ruined in the rain. Fortunately, the band director is a kind and frugal man. He'll have them play the Star Spangled Banner and put the woodwinds away. The brass and percussion will play for the rest of the evening...

Well, tonight will be fun - rain or not.
I'd best put an umbrella in the car...

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