Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ch... Ch... Changes...

The biggest change around here is the doors - they are finished. They are gorgeous! The difference in the light coming into the spaces is amazing! My foyer is now light and airy. What a difference a white door with a window in it makes! The old door was a solid door with blue paint on the inside (to match all the "lovely" blue trim in this house) - it made the foyer sooo dark!!

The old front door is off to the high school to become the door to the band's storage area today. I'm glad it can be put to good use - it has a lot of life in it, but it ain't going to be living it here at The Crossing. I am borrowing Grandpa's car to get it down to the school. The door is just to big for my sweet CRV. We tried to stuff it in there yesterday and it was pretty funny!! We could have made it fit, but driving 20 miles with a steel door smooshed over your head isn't really all that safe - you know?

Since my "behavior" post got so much nasty traffic, I've moved it to a different blog. One where I can vent and not worry that people will take offense. The point of a blog is to write - to work through things - it's a journal so to speak. It's a place to say what you think. It isn't so this person can squeal to that person that they think I've written about someone else -- which is exactly what happened. Want to see my rants? Let me know. I don't rant often - probably about once a quarter. If you scroll through here, there are a few rants, but it's mostly happiness and light about my kids -- which I'm sure you all find almost nauseating!

So, what other changes do we have happening around here? Well, I'm going to be pricing hardwood flooring for upstairs and the stairs. That 1986 carpet has definitely seen a better day. I'm hoping that it isn't too expensive, because I don't know how much longer we can put up with what we have. Vile is a really good description...

I've had some changes of opinion about a couple of people this week - and that's not a good thing. I'm keeping those opinions to myself, but those who know me well will notice a huge change in certain settings. I even sent an email to a dear friend telling her that she was absolutely right about those individuals and that I was sorry to have doubted her. So - If you're looking for me, I'm with my family, the band or with my church bells. I'm busy there and I'll be busy there for quite a while.

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